Insurgent brands differ from disrupters in critical ways. While the latter end up altering industries altogether, insurgents occupy niche areas within theirs. Examples of this in various sectors include the likes of Chobani, Noosa, Bai, Halo Top, elf Cosmetics, Justin’s and Ke-Vita. While they may occupy just around two percent of market share, they also account for a fourth of the sales growth over the past five years. It is also easier to get into sectors that are specialized and highly fragmented such as yogurt, beauty products and organic peanut butter. A study was conducted by Bain in collaboration with Research Now to understand the impact of such insurgents. Their growth rates are substantially higher than the rest of their category. Certain lessons have emerged about insurgents such as the Founder’s Mentality which is about a mission to go about the business with a frontline obsession. A nimble organization needs to be built with fewer hierarchies or bureaucracies. In the age of social media induced digital marketing, brand storylines sell. So, an authentic consumer proposition built around a story needs to be promoted. This will build brand memorability, shopper visibility and range productivity. The existing assets need to be tapped for focused and steady growth. The road ahead will have bumps, so the insurgents must define a scale.


Uploaded Date:15 June 2018

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