The next decade will see tens of thousands of Baby Boomers retire every day. This provides a golden opportunity for the millennial generation to stake a claim for corporate leadership. Companies will soon, if not already have plans to bring up the millennials to these top positions. Two companies in particular have already set up their plans to do so likewise. These companies are American Express and Johnson & Johnson. They have specific management training accelerated modules in place for aspiring leaders. American Express has an Accelerated Learning Development (ALD) programme aimed at leaders, though it was initially conceived to train fresh MBA graduates. The one at Johnson & Johnson is called the Talent Acceleration Process (TAP). One of its purposes is to track employees with highest potential from the early and middle levels. One of the reasons for the roaring success of these two programmes is the fact that the method of analogous learning is being used in them. They are also highly immersive so the trainees get deeply engaged in the acts.


Uploaded Date:13 September 2018

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