The definition of an agile organization is now well known. But fewer people still understand how a transformation towards that path may be achieved. Such firms should be able to combine adaptability and velocity. But the process has to be efficient and stable. The strategy to execute such teams needs to be four- pronged. It needs to include a structure, technology, processes, and of course, the people. The structure involves the use of certain reporting standards, a governance stream and proper roles defined for all involved. The workforce size also needs to be defined in advance. People involves the talent management, company culture and communication networks, which may be informal as well as formal. There must be adequate management training to ensure a leadership pipeline. The third part of this has to involve technology. This includes the IT, architecture, support systems, tools and a delivery pipeline. Finally, there are processes. This partakes performance management, planning processes, team dynamics and the linkage mechanisms. Agile pilots too need to be identified who can make this transition possible. They need to be further empowered by the provision of a capability accelerator.


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