Keeping millennial employees engaged is no easy task. They have built a reputation for switching jobs early, and always looking for the next challenge. That is why renowned publication Forbes has drafted down a list of ideas which must be adopted to ensure they remain engaged at work. First of all, a creative, flexible work environment needs to be presented to them where they can constantly learn, work on innovations and are rewarded for productivity rather than processes. Constant management training needs to be curated where new learnings can be incorporated within collaborative environment. Millennials crave recognition, and thus companies must carefully note the insights they provide on how to improve the work. A conducive team environment must be developed as this also fulfils employees’ social needs. Occasionally the HR must also considering gauging employee business intelligence on their perceptions by activating anonymous surveys. The technology being used by the company must empower the employees and not burden them with rigid processes. Millennials do not want to produce work while suffering in their personal lives. This is why a work-life balance is necessary so employers must curate the schedules according to employee schedules. Most importantly, millennials must feel that they can make a difference. A feeling of economic and social relevance will increase engagement and reduce employee turnover.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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