A lot of first time managers struggle to get their priorities correct. Micromanagement is a common fallacy as they are not sure how to turn down assignments or how to delegate work to people. Sometimes, mangers are appointed due to their technical abilities, but they soon realize that talent management also requires a set of non-technical codes to be resolved. This is quite often more complicated. So one strategy that many professionals apply is to create a Work Style Table along with its answers on how to respond to one’s style While crafting such a table, a few questions need to be kept foremost on mind. First of all, misperceptions about oneself need to be listed out. Then the aspects of work that most concern the person need be jotted down. This must be followed by ways of corporate communication by the manager involved. Issues that can suddenly spark a reaction must also be identified. Finally, each person has quirks and oddities, so these must be separated out.


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