Unknowingly and unintentionally, a lot of learning blockers emerge in professionals’ lives. This is a harmful trend especially during the digital age, when business leaders constantly need to hone new skills especially around technology. Sometimes these blockers could be in the form of people, around whom learning diminishes. That is why professionals must seek to enhance their learning abilities while weeding out learning blockers. So, a questionnaire has been designed to this end to understand this learning ability in each one of us. The questionnaire poses several questions such as taking time to reflect on past successes or failures, apply the lessons of failure to future work and whether learning takes place from others in the team. It also speaks of among other matter management training especially on compliance matters, and the seriousness by which this is undertaken. The questionnaire also indirectly urges the participants to take up challenging assignments and not to shirk away from risks or stretches. One needs to challenge the status quo, while also fitting somewhere in it, especially when in unfamiliar territory. Professionals must also not look to merely find an easy way out towards comfort, but challenge the same. People also get away with excuses, but transformation-ready leaders do not fall back upon these. Instead when they have the right ideas, they let them spawn.


Uploaded Date:27 September 2018

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