Several incidents have been noticed where the business leaders have some genuine flaws, but no one is ready to provide that feedback, out of fear of a backlash. Some of these flaws may even have major consequences. Thus, leaders need to build a talent management system, where they are ready to take genuine feedback, while employees too feel confident in dishing out the same. In order to share some uncomfortable truths with the boss, the employee must present it with the consequences. This is better than to start off with a complaint. Turnarounds may be difficult to execute, so instead, workarounds could be suggested. Instead of being judgmental, the employee needs to show greater empathy. The boss meanwhile must give employees a sense of the normal when such feedback is passed, so they do not hesitate the next time, or others don’t. Leaders could also adopt a coach for their personal management training purposes, as this will ease off a lot of the psychological burden. The concept of Prime the Pump needs to be applied, where the growth of the team will be stimulated by the financial investment.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2019

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