As the recent case of Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick will demonstrate there are incredible cases where successful CEOs have been removed by the investors. This is due to several reasons such as the valuation of the company on which the investors make money. Private equity professionals and venture capitalists want to stay away from risk implied by an unstable leader. Such personality also perversely affects the talent recruitment abilities of the firm. Another reason for suck unceremonious sacking could be a lack of emotional stability or even affairs with colleagues. Leaders taking frequent time off and thus losing focus is undesirable as is abusive behavior. A poor listener cannot be an able leader in the long run. Similarly, if the team assembled is not up to the expected levels, then investors will start getting wary. A maverick leader with poor cash management abilities will not stand a chance with venture capitalists. One thing a CEO must avoid at all costs in fudging the books of acocunts.


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There are different kinds of leaders, but in the present work scenario it is the resonant leader who most thrives. These kind of leaders establish connections with team members and are trusted by them. They display empathy at challenging times such as during downsizing, or personal crises. They have the ability to inspire others to follow them towards the execution of the corporate strategy enshrined. The reasons why such resonant leaders are successful in the long run are numerous. One is that, their attitude helps in preventing burnout as they show comparison towards work. This is also because of the mindfulness they insist upon and the hope they can forever eschew. Teams stay motivated due to their periodic communication on the value of their work, the vision behind the company’s creation and how the work brings greater value to a lot of people. Teams thus remain committed to a common cause. This also elicits better response from the team members and other stakeholders concerned.


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Posing the right question is often as important as the answer itself. It needs to be well thought out. Thus business leaders must constantly ask certain questions. The first of them ought to be “Wait, What”, as this can rectify hasty judgments. “I wonder why” must be posed for detailed business analysis on any topic worked on. “Couldn’t we at least” is a very useful question to be posed at times where defeat seems, imminent but a compromise can be reached to minimize losses or turn the game around. Another useful question is “how can I help?” This question allows team members to show concern and empower any new recruit or someone facing a major challenge at work. “What truly matters’ is a timely reminder of the corporate strategy and the ultimate goal the company needs to work towards rather than frivolous milestones.


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The most successful of business leaders often have outrageous ideas which they put to success. Some lessons have been curated from top business leaders’ experiences. The CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh always believed in creating something he felt passionate about. Entrepreneurs he feels must always start something due to the sheer joy it brings to them, not for the money on offer. Kevin Harrington is a veteran at product launches and almost single-handedly crafted the “infomercial” segment. He feels that management training is a constantly evolving activity and a not a one time. No entrepreneur must ever feel that he/she knows everything connected to the business. A former sports champion, Bas Rutten feels that lots of parallels exist between entrepreneurship and sports. One such is the constant skill upgradation that requires many long hours of honing. Rutten feels, any aspiring entrepreneur must dedicate the time, results will automatically flow in. Robert Greene, a best-selling author warns that success too early on in life is dangerous as that cocoons the bearers who now lose all ambition. Instead of success, youngsters must focus on building their skill levels.


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