There are certain key practices and mindsets followed by the best of CEOs across the globe irrespective of industry. Their personal working norms adhere by the principle of only doing what they are capable of. As a result, they manage their office time and energy, while strictly guarding against any chances of hubris setting in. Authenticity is their leadership model of choice. They are also adept at curating the right corporate strategy, taking in to account the company vision and appropriate resource allocation. They always take in a long- term view towards the external stakeholders. A guiding social purpose is often behind their business decisions. Excellent CEOs also work with the directors towards achieving the business goals. For this, they build the right relationships at work. Organizational alignment is key to them, so the talent recruitment is done in a way to align the personnel to value generation. Employee engagement is just one part of culture building. And finally, these excellent CEOs build their teams. Decision making is unbiased, management practices are seemingly coherent and teamwork thrives.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

Annette Simmons is a top story- teller and expert at corporate training. She has also written several books, such as The Story Factor, which was the first to be published back in the year 2000. Over the course of time, she has repeatedly mentioned how the right narrative will suit the leaders, as well as the listeners, to help broaden their business horizons. The focus of people’s attention varies according to the story being doled out. The best of strategic leaders need also to curate bigger circles of moral concern. Themes surrounding ethics are robust as they reappear. Reading good fiction, is always a good antidote to avoiding the negative behavioral patterns leaders often face.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

Those at the helm of leadership, and its practitioners need to realize that the journey itself is more important than the destination itself. Each context and situation requires a different solution, that can only come through a diversity in skills and talents. A lot of this may be built over different experiences. Leaders need to be insightfully aware. Being so, requires mastering the six As. These six As include- Awareness, Acumen, Authenticity, Aspiration, Altitudes and Approaches. The context goes well beyond the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), as is considered the norm now. In order to ace the capabilities one needs to build on collaboration skills, as that will help one in talent management. Creativity, Cognitions, Communication, Control and Competitiveness will also be assets in the same.


Uploaded Date:23 December 2019

Companies are constantly fretting about how to get their organizational change practices spot on. This is all the more necessitated now, thanks to the constant churn in technology. In order to get this transformation right, every company must working on building empathy within the ranks. There are business consulting gurus who work specifically on change, and they always recommend the profiling of the audience, at each stage. The people in the organization too need to be told what is the expectation on final outcome. Genuine fears need to be acknowledged, while baseless rumours have to be quashed right away. Individuals need to be involved from and at every level. This will ensure through practical exercises, that employees feel they are part of something bigger, with something valuable to contribute.


Uploaded Date:21 December 2019

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