The Harvard Business Review has brought out its 2018 list of the best-performing CEOs in the world. These CEOs have remained resilient enough which is why 70 out of the top 100 remain repeaters from last year’s list including Pablo Isla from Inditex who finds himself on top. The average tenure of CEOs on this list ahs been 16 years. This business research was holistic as it factored in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. The annual churn is relatively low. Among the prominent ones to muss out from last year’s list include WPP’s Martin Sorrell, Whole Foods’ John Mackey and L Brands’ Leslie Wexner. The number of women on the list is still relatively low. Among educational qualifications, engineering is the most common with 34 such entrants followed by MBA which has 32 proponents, up from 29 last year. The CEOs of the companies NVIDIA, LVMH, Kering, Continental, Salesforce, Valeo, KBC, Sysmex and Bouygues are the other names in the top ten.


Uploaded Date:17 November 2018

A senior HR professional was seeking the latest leadership concepts which she would be using in a specific management training programme for the top leaders. These trainees were adept at their tasks, but had to be developed into holistic leaders. After much deliberation, it was realized that leadership fundamentals haven’t really changed much over the years or even decades. An aspirations vision and sound corporate strategy still unites people towards a goal. This strategy must include a list of choices to be adopted and those to be debunked. The right people need to be recruited to execute the strategy drafted. During the ongoing execution, focus has to be put on achieving the periodic results. To back up the strategy, constant innovation needs to be introduced to keep people excited. Leaders must understand their own strengths and weaknesses before they embark on leading others.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

Reid Hoffman, the billionaire Co-founder of LinkedIn is known for his rather shy nature. This is one of the main reasons why he hired Jeff Weiner as the company CEO, as the latter is proficient at networking and socializing. The usual consideration is that shy people cannot succeed as entrepreneurs. But that of course proved untrue for Hoffman, so he has shared a few key life hacks. The first is to deliberately keep some space open for serendipity. Another is to get references for work or on people. Whatever skillsets one possesses, he/she must make the best use out of them. Hoffman’s proficiency at talent recruitment meant that he was invited by several companies to oversee their hiring efforts, which he eventually made his fulltime work with the launch of LinkedIn.


Uploaded Date:08 November 2018

A lot of articles have been written on the virtues of humility among bosses. In real life though, the situation is very different. Rarely do we find the leaders at top firms humble. Cases include Elon Musk at Tesla and Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys. One of the big virtues of humility is to take away pressure during the bad times, because such leaders do not claim to know-all. But at adverse situations, being immodest is the usual trend due to the constant pressure on oneself. A term has been coined by management thinkers called “humbition”. This is a combination of the terms humble and ambition, to ideally describe those leaders best at talent management. They exude fire to reach a certain target, but on reaching, remain calm. The book Humble Inquiry written byEdgar Schein describes such leadership styles in grand detail.


Uploaded Date:05 November 2018

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