Beth Mooney is now the Chair at the Cleveland Clinic and the CEO of Key Corp, thus dabbling her expertise in both healthcare and in banking simultaneously. But it all started in Dallas in 1979, when she came to know of a management training programme with the Republic Bank. The bank has since been renamed as the Republic Bancorp, but she proved her mettle by not leaving until she was actually offered a position. Under her leadership Key Corp has been known to be a leader in digital transformation, with a strong presence in online and mobile banking. Mooney has also won acclaim for her role in ensuring equality for the LGBTQ rights. She mentions how having business leadership works well for non- profit firms too, as it helps in aligning the responsibilities. Trust matters equally high in both banking and healthcare. Culture is one thing that is at the core on institution building. Several upskilling programmes have been launched due to her initiative, especially targeted at older people, looking to enhance their digital skills.


Uploaded Date:13 August 2019

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