Most of us live in a society getting increasingly personalized. There exist adjustable seats, music playlists, and curated news sources. Yet, job descriptions have remained static and permanent. To be fair, companies have been several efforts to bridge this by providing incentives, perks, corporate training and innovative office spaces. Employees however stay most engaged by engaging work profiles. So, companies must get jobs to match employees, rather than vice-versa. Most employees are looking for either or all of professional personal and organizational development. The best-fit may truly be gauged through an honest discussion with any team leader’s direct reports. There exist three major employee personas- altruistic, big thinkers and creatives. For the first category, helping others is a key driving motivation. Big thinkers can best be tapped into when they have a clear view of the corporate strategy, so they know where exactly do-they fit in. The creatives must be used to generate and work on innovations.


Uploaded Date:01 June 2018

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