Ever since the advent of the internet and its subsequent boom in the 1990s, management experts have talked of the disappearance of location as an important business factor. Businesses do not need to physically reach the customer nor do the latter need to be present where any seller is, as all of it can be managed by the cloud. This trend however is reversing in a different way. Location is fast emerging as a key driver of digital marketing thanks to the rapidly expanding base of mobile phone users. A survey done by the Pew Research Center claims that a staggering 95% of American adults possess and use smartphones. In another study, it was understood that four-fifths of social activity was done using such phones. When tagging is done using phones, then the location emerges and this is crucial business intelligence for marketers. They can engage rather than interrupt customers’ lives using location data as Snap is doing using the Snap to Store application. Location based marketing improves certain aspects such as the marketing appearing more human. It also allows the brand to leverage the ripple effect of social shares. Competition can be tracked by studying geo-targeted ads of competitors.


Uploaded Date:07 July 2017

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