Social media is being used by several brands for digital marketing purposes. In a recent survey, it was found out that around ninety five percent of firms plan to increase their social media marketing spends or maintain the same level. Thus with so much competition, the only way a single brand can reach out is through innovations. Innovation in marketing brings three different benefits. One is product or service differentiation. Another is the novelty factor where something is unique or unheard of in the market. Plus there is also the concept of leadership which initiators to any campaign or programme are bestowed upon with. Some key qualities are needed to create innovative social media marketing campaigns. One such is a unique voice by which the content disbursed is appealing to the market, reflects the brand’s personality and differentiates from competitors. It must also trigger pleasant surprise and cognitive processes associated with memory. It should also defy usual frameworks. The format may differ in terms of length of posts or the formality of phrasing. Often in spite of the best of efforts, business innovation does not get triggered. At such stages, the leader must just pull oneself away and let the team come up with innovative solutions. References may also be taken from other platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram, all of which provide different contexts. At times, its okay to break away from norms or guidelines established. Very importantly, the marketers must focus on the emotional connect. Another common mistake is designing social media marketing campaigns by a committee of experts. It has been observed that such campaigns work better when a single person has been designated with the task.


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