There are some business leaders who are far too thoughtful and take their own sweet time for decision making. There are yet others for whom everything is done with a sense of urgency. Both these extremes are often harmful for businesses. The latter are often like this because in some frontline positions or at times of crises, such behaviour is desirable so they may have received praise for the same. In the longer run though it is usually not to successful so some steps have been identified which must be adopted by others with them. First of all, they must be educated on how their behaviour impacts others usually adversely. The consequences to their actions must be demonstrated. Such leaders often fail at planning for corporate strategy, so they must be paired with the others who take a longer-term perspective. Specific management training sessions must be organized where they are coached on the benefits of weeding out this constant sense of urgency and instead focus on the really important things.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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