Most managers claim and think of themselves as good at coaching. Yet, in most circumstances what they see as coaching, is actually preaching or consulting in disguise. It is a process where the other’s potential is unlocked so performance may be maximized. This can be achieved through effective management training sessions, but does not happen due to inherent biases many managers tend to possess. This is because their ideas on their own skills tend to get approved not by the real coaching experts but by fellow members of the managerial cadre. To understand it all, an experiment was conducted on MBA students who had specifically enrolled at a course for leadership training. It emerged from this simulated study that right from student life itself, micromanaging is wrongly seen as coaching. Instead, coaching includes a gamut of skills such as listening, questioning, providing feedback, showing empathy, pointing out strengths, providing structure and encouraging one to find solutions.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2018

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