Most professionals are under the belief that they are approachable to their employees. A recent survey covering around four- thousand professionals indicated that leaders believe they are rarely, if ever scary to the others. However, their perceptions may be misplaced, as such views are not echoed in similar surveys lower down the organizational hierarchies. Such leaders should thus take steps, and perhaps enlist for some specific management training sessions to work out any hidden flaws. Firstly, managers must get to know the labels that lead to an unintended lack of approachability. There are certain designation tags that naturally come with a fear- inducing paraphernalia. Over the course of trainings, they need to observe their face, and how it contorts or not. One needs to moderate one’s responses according to such observations. Instead of merely asking for feedback, the leader will have to devise a system to elicit the same.


Uploaded Date:29 August 2019

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