Rebecca Shambaugh has written several books such as Make Room for her, It’s Not a Glass Ceiling and It’sa Sticky Floor. She is considered an authority on leadership coaching and management training. She speaks about the travails of going too far with collaboration. Of course, collaboration is seen as a positive sign at corporates, but too much of it, gives out the signal that one is indecisive and over-complicates simple decision-making. Such people need to learn what to prioritize so they see the bigger picture. For this, they need key influencers in their entourage. Often, they instead end up spending three-fifths of their time on non-priority areas. People can even stop engaging in action because they tend to expect tardiness and over-thinking from such an overt consensus builder. So, an activity-based toolkit needs to be built for such situations.


Uploaded Date:27 August 2018

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