The word Mar Tech of course is an amalgamation of the words marketing and technology. This Mar Tech has a genuine requirement for Digital Asset Management (DAM). Digital assets include pictures, videos, logos, graphics, PDFs, documents, audio files, illustrations, animations and slide decks. The requirement stated is in order to follow the brand’s guidelines as stated during the very inception. It will also enable space not to get cluttered by unimportant files, which in turn will boost the advanced search capabilities. Content duplication can also be avoided, improving the depth of data warehousing being practiced. In turn, it will lead to better control over the content. Plugins and integrations can then be made available. It can work to optimize the CMS, marketing automation tools, file sharing on cloud, publishing and project management. It will also help optimize social media content, thus boosting digital marketing efforts towards the right direction. All of this will then point towards a culture of collaboration.


Uploaded Date:03 December 2018

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