The gap between traditional and digital customers has narrowed down. Legacy companies are also engaged in digital marketing while digital natives have realized the benefits of the brick-and-mortar format. Since this is now such a crowded place, some rules have been delineated for winning the game of automated marketing. First of all, marketing needs to optimize to achieve growth and not efficiency. The right customers need to be identified and then all steps taken to bring them into the fold. Long-term performance metrics are being tracked for this. An example of this is CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). Meaningful relations need to be forged with customers so that personalized content can be provided and repeat customers in tow. The creative components need to be creatively designed so that customers may be advised accordingly. Finally, marketers need to understand that in the present age, no campaign can ever succeed without a mobile-first strategy.


Uploaded Date:10 November 2018

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