For long, the consumer cycles have been defined around the millennial generation. Now, Generation Z is coming to the fore, including in the Asia- Pacific region. They will make up a quarter of the region’s population by the year 2025. It will be wrong to consider them merely as junior millennials, as although the two generations do share a lot, there are significant differences as well. Growing up during a global pandemic will also shape the Gen Z in a certain way. Some key consumer trends have emerged. Digital marketing experts will need to work them out, as Generation Z-ers do engage with social media, but more carefully than do the millennials. They want brands that reflect their uniqueness and personality. This is something that marketers can gauge more of using business analytics tools. Video content really hooks them on. While they do wish to be seen as environmentally conscious, sadly as yet they have shown no appetite for wanting to pay for the same.


Uploaded Date:17 July 2020

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