Marketing today is a lot about constant noise. There are regular updates on social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, followed by evening news, there is just too much information. Digital marketing is inducing brands to stand out by performing eye-catching stunts. That is where the role of thought leadership needs to be specified. It is especially crucial for the B2B sphere. Thought leadership emerged as an academic stream which took references from different fields. However, now marketing and thought leadership are converging at a middle point. Luxoft is one such B2B marketing leader that has devised diverse ways to communicate their thought leadership. A highly popular method to do so is through their company blogs. Another is via company-owned magazines such as Lo Geek and Tech Spark which is the financial services e-magazine. Podcasts can be best used to engage busy people. Increasingly, people are preferring visual content to other forms, so videos need to be liberally used. Ultimately, the role of thought leadership must be to create content relevant to all the stakeholders.


Uploaded Date:16 October 2018

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