In the USA, it is the middle- market companies that are growing the fastest. This includes firms whose revenues clock between ten million and a billion dollars. The Middle Market Indicator (MMI) clearly shows how this segment has grown by 6.5%, in stark contrast to the average for S&P 500 listed firms, of a mere 3.6%. There are some aspects in which these middle market players are exceeding the national average. One of them is market expansion. Another is investment and innovation. Financial management and maintaining efficiency of cost are two other factors. Talent recruitment and retention are aspects that these middle- market players do extremely well at. These firms have also put in place a formal growth strategy. And finally, they are good at staff development, through the deployment of several corporate training workshops. These fast- growing companies can further bee categorized under three headlines. These are the Innovators, Investors and the Efficiency Experts.


Uploaded Date:15 May 2019

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