Neuroscience can be a highly effective tool in the process of better decision- making. It helps its adherents in turning more mindful. This has been illustrated better in a recent book released The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership, written by Jeffrey Schwartz, Josie Thompson and Art Kleiner. While there are limitations to neuroscience as well, its biggest advantage, is that it presents, a nominally neutral perspective. Due to its strong scientific grounding, an unbiased approach gets built in. Companies are thus arranging management training sessions particularly to build in mindfulness, based around the concept of neuroscience. This neuroscience can also work on the brain’s habit centre, that controls all daily operations. There is also a close link between the personal lives and the business realm. While transactional leadership is necessary, its strategic has longer term benefits. A lot of business leaders are missing these concepts, so the necessary sessions get arranged.


Uploaded Date:30 July 2019

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