Mindfulness meditation has become one of the hottest areas of pursuit in North America. Not only for personal requirements, indeed specific corporate training sessions are being arranged on this. Mindfulness trains the mind to focus on the present and not wander off to other thoughts such as future planning or reviewing the past. The origins of this movement may be traced back to the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction programme designed by management thinker Jon Kabat-Zinn back in 1979. The Harvard Business School conducts workshops specifically to this end in collaboration with the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion. Mindfulness has been practiced by Buddhist monks for over two-thousand and five-hundred years. The spurt in popularity can be attributed to the 1980s when it got linked to Zen. Researchers on meditation have even attributed depression-fighting qualities to mindfulness. Famous researchers such as Benjamin Shapero, GaelleDesbordes, Sara Lazar and Herbert Benson have dedicated substantial amount of time towards its study. It is however more than just a bubblegum sport, but something with long-term effects of positivity.


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