To be successful at business in the ongoing century, one needs to constantly generate new ideas. But generating them alone may not prove to be fruitful, if the idea does not catch fire, and one cannot persuade others to buy in. Relevant others here includes investors, buyers and sellers. There are economists who go to the extent of saying that up to a fourth of the USA’s entire economy, is generated thanks to the profusion in new ideas. Entrepreneurs of startups, candidates during talent recruitment, politicians before elections, business leaders and sales people with customers all require that bit of nudge. One aspect noticed is that the art of persuasion has undergone little change since the times of ancient history. The first requirement, as the Ancient Greek used to call it is still Ethos or Character. The next is Logos that stands for Reason. Then there is Pathos which translates to Emotion. The last two are still Metaphor and Brevity. Even Aristotle believed that the art of persuasion could be learnt, so there is all the reason for present day organization to arrange for management training sessions for their employees in this.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020

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