A good mobile website design has become crucial to getting the digital marketing campaigns right. This is because it is key to global interaction on social media and the purchase journey, across the internet. More than three- fourths of American adults anyway own smartphones. Business lead generation and web traffic is also affected by it. A lot of this stems from Google’s 2015 Mobilegeddon initiative, after which brands with desktop- only websites got lower rankings on search pages. Google is now developing a mobile- first index. Social media sites are also acting on the business intelligence received from Marketing Sherpa that confirms that 85% of Americans use social media and brands are followed on it by 58%. Another study from Ericsson has even confirmed a connection between the page load time and human health. Beyond speed, the convenience of use also matters. Mobile websites need to be very goal- oriented with clear CTAs (Call to Actions) installed. This even allows for the right feedback loop.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

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