A study organized yearly has found out that a position known as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is now in vogue. Only six percent of firms had such a position as recently as 2015, but the figure rose up to nineteen percent in 2016. They are the kind of people who are in charge of leading organizations’ digital transformation. Forty percent of digital business leaders are members of the C-Suite, while nearly a fifth are Vice Presidents and a similar number are directors. Majority of CDOs are men, so greater gender diversity is needed. In 2015, it was direct customer facing firms that went for digital marketing and so needed a CDO. They were engaged in activities such as media, entertainment, F&B, travel and transportation. But now even insurance and banking are utilizing CDOs for their front-end operations. In fact insurance is on top with more than a third of companies employing CDOs while oil and gas, and metals and mining in single digits.


Uploaded Date:28 July 2017

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