2019 will be a year when COOs continue to use social media for their company’s digital marketing needs. The Innovation Excellence platform identified ten such COOs, who have made innovative efforts on social media. The first one is Kat Cole, who besides being a COO, is also the President at Focus Brands North America. Another in this illustrious list is Sanjay Poonen of VMware. The third to join the list is Nathan Edelsburg from Much Rack. Cristian Schmeichel, who is the fourth name here, is not the company COO at SAP, but of the Global Human Resources wing alone. Completing the list are- Jill Wine- Banks of the American Bar Association, Natasha Cholerton- Brown of Cholerton- Brown Consulting, Eva Wong of Borrowell, Brigette McInnis- Day of SAP Success Factors, MereditLevien from the New York Times and finally, Adam Braun from We Grow by We Work.


Uploaded Date:15 January 2019

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