While the command- and- control form of leadership seems to be so old school, no viable alternative has emerged either that may be replicated at scale. The style of management is now dependent on the nature of the leaders. There are broadly the three types, beginning with the entrepreneurial leaders. They have high self- confidence and are action- oriented. They possess a strategic mindset. Such leaders also end up as ambassadors for the talent recruitment programme, as they manage to attract others in. The second category are the enabling leaders. They have a connecting personality, and are effective communicators. They are also adept at coaching and management training. The third are the architecting leaders. As the name suggests, they are the ones who believe in the sum total being greater than its individual parts. A new form has now emerged known as nimble leadership. Here, the decision- making is distributed across the levels. The processes here, balance freedom and control.


Uploaded Date:23 July 2019

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