For today’s industry incumbents, a word of caution would be suggested. The time period for staying on top in almost in any industry is shrinking by the day. Companies need to have the right organization structure and strategy to ensure they can sustain their leadership position. There are some that have gone down, and then bounced back up such as the likes of – Owens Corning, Delta Airline and General Motors. The rapid churn in technology is changing everything quicker than ever before. Data warehousing is now more essential than ever before as the information captured can then be processed to get the meaningful insights. There are three factors that all such futuristic companies need to be working one. One is to have a set company identity, by which it can be recognized. It must include a set of social connections and values. Capabilities too need to be honed accordingly. For this, the leadership model needs to be reworked and the management training programmes personalized. A sense of agility needs to be unleashed to this decision making. Speed and emergent strategy must be a part of this new outlook towards urgency.


Uploaded Date:31st December 2018

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