Mountain guides seem to be unlikely sources for business leaders to be provided management training. Yet, they possess certain skills, if properly applied into business, can prove to be a winning combination. One of them is the demonstration of social intelligence that mountain guides constantly need to display in order to work with and motivate a diverse set of unknown people. Their leadership style is also flexible, so they can customize as per the target group’s requirements or background. Another quality that business leaders must imbibe form mountain guides is talent management as it is remarkable how the latter empower their trainees to go through certain drills they wouldn’t have had the confidence to execute otherwise. This the guides do using enormous amount of trust. They also manage to work efficiently and smoothly within an atmosphere of potentially enormous risk or uncertainly. Finally, mountain guides are experts at seeing the bigger picture. This business leaders must be able to do so that they may envision the future and not micromanage minute tasks.


Uploaded Date:30 November 2017

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