In earlier times, the personal and professional spheres for individuals would be completely divorced. That however has been bridged due to digitization and certain initiatives. Personal here means an individual’s holistic personal including his/her sense of humour, eccentricities, values and history, but does not include private which is about intimate details about relationships or family. The old mindset valued information as power, but now sharing is considered more powerful. Similarly, profit has been replaced by purpose as the ultimate goal. In turn control has given way to empowerment, hierarchy to a decentralized network, confidentiality to transparency and shareholder return as the ultimate value to employee and customer engagement. Experimentation is now more valued than planning, while influencers are used for digital marketing instead of traditional PR. The engagement is now more empathetic. Also, imperfection is now accepted so that employees can be more comfortable at workspaces and their authentic selves may come to the fore. This comfort could need physical support such as ping-pong or foosball tables, so be it.


Uploaded Date:18 November 2017

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