Pet supplies company Chewy, recently demonstrated a gesture through an email, which can be considered the benchmark when it comes to customer service. One of its customers was unhappy with a kind of litter for her pet cat, which she voiced out on the review site. To this, a beautifully constructed email was sent out by the customer service team. The mail itself may be divided into three parts. At the beginning, the problem is solved because Chewy offers a refund without even being probed on to do so. In the middle, the company showed its commitment by going further. It suggested other litter options for the cat, which could be better suited, given the description the customer gave on the review. Right at the end, the email forged a connection with the customer, by showing its love for the pet. The cat was even called by its name. The customer was so happy, with this gesture, that she ended up sharing the screenshot of the entire mail on her Twitter handle. Chewy’s digital marketing was thus done, simply by ensuring that a happy customer, became thoroughly loyal.


Uploaded Date:22 January 2019

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