Australia is one country, like most others on the planet, that hasn’t been spared from the corona virus pandemic. While offline businesses are struggling or even closing down, digital ones are actually on the rise. Some activities have seen a massive spurt. As per business intelligence supplied by McKinsey, watching movies and web shows have witnessed an increase. The use of instant chatting apps has remained the same. That is also true for viewing of online video and news content, watching TV, personal reading and the use of social media. The last brings much hope to digital marketing professionals. There is a consistent high intent among Australians to continue devouring digital content. This is true across all the age groups, as the McKinsey survey shows us. Big investments are planned for the digital space. To emerge stronger, international and even local retailers are ramping up their first- mile connectivity. Delivery innovation and crowd- sourcing is also being noticed.


Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

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