In order to progress up in the leadership chain, professionals needto master several drivers, while also eliminating those that may be called the blockers. To ensure effective change, self- awareness has to be implemented at the heart. This exploration is of particular importance to professionals from the field of executive coaching, corporate training and leadership development. It includes several key questions that need to be posed to those aspiring to take up these programmes. A good one to start off, is to ask what kind of a leader the person aspires to be. Specific behaviours need to be attached that are the targets. Certain personal characteristics can go a long way in understanding the leadership type and potential. Positive emotions and thoughts are also part of the equation. One needs to harness both the conscious as well as the unconscious forces at play. Each individual is also fighting an unknown war to not let the blockers get too strong.


Uploaded Date:13 August 2019

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