While modern work life is often considered a stress, a lot of people overcome this quite easily. One of the ways of doing so is imbibing empathy as a part of work. In order to do so, one must begin by showing self-compassion. For this, one needs to truly understand, care and acting for oneself. One must restrain the urge to overwork. The person must also never punish himself/herself needlessly. Alongside self-compassion, professionals must practice showing empathy. As a first step, friendships must be forged with like-minded people at the workplace. Instead of trying to find the right work companion, colleagues must get valued for what they really are. It is a well known fact that coaching is one of the most effective ways of management training. Thus, professionals must start taking time out to coach others who are in need of some skills. Ultimately, all work depends on the interactions with clients and customers, thus they need to be paid maximum importance in the person’s worldview.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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