Social media of course has a lot of impacts on modern culture-formation, plus benefits for corporates in digital marketing. However, it can also lead to an addiction which is harmful for individual users’ health. As a result, four experiments were carried out to break this, each having some positive impacts. The first one was a complete elimination from one’s life of social media sites for a month. Tiredness disappeared to a large extent as a result. The next experiment was to inflict daily time blockers. Time was tracked using the Rescue Time app. Overall productivity increased. The third was to dedicate a “happy hour” for social media usage. This period helped reinvigorate the dopamine effect which status posts undoubtedly provide. Contrary to what was expected, the laptop wasn’t the biggest culprit for the addiction, instead it was the mobile phone. Another doable experiment was to adopt 24-hour cycle breakers. Particular days were taken as rest days towards social media. This has been most successful for younger people.


Uploaded Date:27 October 2018

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