More than a century back, the German sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies, proposed the idea of the two distinct forms of human groups, which were- the Gemeinschaft and the Gessellschaft. The former is about finding one as a part of the greater good, within a society and traditional systems. This applies best to rural, farming communities. The latter on the other hand, puts more focus on the individual above all else. This associates best with the urban communities. Over the past century, it is the principles of the Gessellschaftthat have come to dominate public discourse, viewed as being better overall. However, too much of it in the Self- esteem movement has led to societal norms being broken. Narcissistic leaders and their policies have ruined organizations. This has been accentuated by the use of social media, which even brands are leveraging for their digital marketing needs. But going ahead, companies and societies have realized the pitfalls, and the heights of individualism may just have been reached.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2019

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