The conventional forms of talent management and recruitment are now getting dates due to new age challenges which are multi-pronged in nature. Thus newer methods are needed such as using digital marketing to create a brand image about the company as a place to work before the actual recruitment takes place. Even the word ‘talent’ has been much misused. It does not simply imply that a person can replicate his/her previous performances in this new role, but the candidate must be a cultural fit in the role. The aspirant must demonstrate initiative. Another major flaw emerges during the onboarding phase. The training imparted during this period must align with the profile explained during the selection process, or else attrition is common in the first few months. Finally, real time feedback is needed to understand what exactly are the challenges- professional or cultural- that new hires or older employees are facing. This is particularly relevant now in the era of constant technological disruption.


Uploaded Date: 19th May 2017

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