One of the biggest challenges all businesses face when it comes to social media, is that the major platforms are all foremost personal spaces. So, the business part always comes in second. And that is why measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) will always be a conundrum for those trying to gauge the impact of social media on digital marketing. The exact metrics have not yet been deduced to firmly tie up the bottom line to the social media broadcast done. In fact, a mere 14% of marketers claim to be able to quantify business tied to social media. This was found out through marketing research carried out by Sprout Social, that also puts that 41% of the marketers surveyed, claiming that their main task on social media was indeed leads and final sales. Also, different strategies work on different platforms. On Facebook for instance, it is videos, a data- driven strategy and capturing of audience insights that becomes most important. On LinkedIn, audience insights claim most importance. So on, is the order of importance as well at Snapchat, Instagram and on Twitter. Marketers are now trying to reach that phase of harmony. Most are focusing on the awareness stage in the buyer journey rather than on consideration.


Uploaded Date:15 January 2019

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