Retail stores will need to work on the new ‘normal’, that is set to emerge post the current corona virus crisis. For a start, they must reinvigorate the in- store omnichannel integration. The store’s publicity will now need to be more seamlessly attached to its digital marketing output. Personalization touch points will need to be keyed in with the latter. The store’s role has to alter. The talent recruitment drives of the future need to take care of honing an omnichannel staff. The store cost structure too will need a reset. Contactless self- service features will need to be added in to enable omnichannel transactions. The workforce needs to be provided proper training to navigate past the next normal. Workforce composition needs a rethink. The workforce must also be provided with some sort of flexibility. This will improve the omnichannel performance.


Uploaded Date:28 April 2020

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