This is a time when the trust on traditional sources such as media, government and corporates is at an all time low, there is the need to retire another object from a bygone era- the sales funnel. This funnel is also ineffective in capturing the momentum. In an era where digital marketing especially around social media can be so effective, there remains no point of beginning each quarter from a clean slate as the sales flywheel model dictates. Instead of the funnel, a sales flywheel is now more effective. This is because the more force than is applied to a flywheel, the more force it moves around with. This is needed at a time when at several places the information gap between the sales rep and the customer has dwindled. Another factor in its application is that friction can be better eliminated. This happens due to increased customer interaction, greater investment on information technology and sharpened employee skills.


Uploaded Date:23 November 2018

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