Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here, and very much to stay. Business’ expectations though have now risen to sky- high proportions, leading to unrealistic an understanding. The MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with the Boston Consulting group, produced an extensive report highlighting, how AI is presently being deployed across organizations. The report also states the various steps the top executives need to undertake, in order to maximize the benefits out of the same. What has been observed is a growing gap between the execution of the projects with the goals set. The vast majority of company heads believe that AI will give them a competitive edge over their competitors. However, less than two- fifths of those surveyed, currently have a proper AI strategy. Instead, they have been improvising data- driven business analytics they end up conducting. There is also a serious dearth in professionals who can conduct corporate training sessions around AI. Leaders need to themselves have a deeper understanding, plus support is needed from the very top.


Uploaded Date:14 October 2019

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