A study was recently conducted jointly by the Barrett Values Centre and Merryck & Co. to identify the areas where business leaders typically possess their blind spots. The areas were broadly divided among two categories. One of these was in “connecting with others” while the other one was for “driving performance”. The lack of people skills or emotional intelligence proves to be the biggest obstacle among present- day business leaders. Their communication skills and listening abilities were two others. Visibility and access was one more. Leaders’ ability to trust and their belief in delegation too is one such obstacle. Under the second category, it is time management where leaders lack the most. Many are seen to be as not- so- good in their abilities to draft a proper corporate strategy, or to display any vision. Their executive presence is another key factor. Employees also value leaders with accountability and conflict resolution abilities. Some leaders are superior at management training. Such leaders are valued more, as their team mates tend to learn a lot from them.


Uploaded Date:30 April 2020

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