As per a recent study by PwC, robots are set to cause much impact on the C Suite. Two kinds of robots will be part of this scheme. These are the industrial robots and service robots. The former type is already found much in factories, especially those working within the assembly- line style. The latter is to work humans, using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or AI (Artificial Intelligence).These far reaching changes will affect each axle of the C Suite. For the CEOs, the task will be to curate the board of directors in a manner, that they all understand robotics and automation. The CFOs will need to execute the takeover of robots on several back- end tasks. The COO’s task will be to get the overall business strategy aligned with the team’s robotics approach. The CHRO will be in charge of all corporate training programmes aimed at re- skilling or upskilling. CMOs meanwhile will have the task of best utilizing business analytics with the marketing potential of the firm. The role of CTOs, CIOs and the CDOs can only rise with time.


Uploaded Date:21 August 2019

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