When companies evolve from being start-ups to larger units, employees’ expectations from their seniors changes as well. The seniors on their part need to change from being reactive when demands pour in to being proactive before issues can come up. Any company, unless it folds before time, goes through five broad stages in its evolution. These stages are – Founding, Early, Mid, Growth and Scale-up). At the Founding stage, there are a maximum of five employees, so it is essential not to optimize for efficiency. Customer support must be used to improve work processes and team must meet regularly. There exist five to twenty employees at Early stage. Focus must now be put on corporate communications and customer self-service tools. One must avoid too much dawdling on process, sophisticated models or vocal customers. At the Mid stage, employee base increases to around 100. Now key metrics need to be applied to measure work, so data warehousing must start before clinical analysis. A knowledge base needs to be set-up, distribution channels incisively set up and specialization of certain types may get initiated. Cost reductions concerns must not distract away from the focus of work. The Growth stage sees, employee strength grow up to about two-hundred and fifty while it keeps rising at the Scale-up period.


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