Seven ways have been identified for making best use in marketing of business analytics. The first such method is through chatbots. The next one is by providing personalized content. This is now possible because analytics tools can process granular bits of information to understand the key characteristics of individual users. This will also specify the digital marketing campaign as specific ads can be cropped up for particular audiences. The same logic will apply on social media as well. Another related area of massive help to sales professionals is lead scoring. It helps identify which leads and the sources which bring maximum value. Personal Identifier Information (PII) can help with detecting fraud and improving cybersecurity. Speech analytics can be a part of this to track call transcripts. Once the right keywords have been identified, marketers can always integrate the top twenty words into the CRM. This helps alignment between the sales process and the CRM. This is of much value to call centre managers in particular.


Uploaded Date:23 November 2018

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