Some of the most successful organizations in recent times such as Apple, Amazon and Zappos are ones who have made sure that the customer service they provide aligns with the marketing strategy in the longer run. For this some tips have been provided by marketers to ensure the same. One such tip is to acknowledge that customers are ready to pay more provided the service received is top-notch. Another is that customers must be supported throughout and at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Testimonials received from customers must be leveraged via social media serving as key source for digital marketing. After each customer service experience, due follow-up is necessary. Any crisis in PR can escalate due to the presence of social media, so it must be nipped at the bud itself. A unified view of the customer must be created. This can be done by crunching copious amounts of data now available to form coherent business intelligence.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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