Digital transformation needs to be supported from the very top in order to succeed. Once a sound corporate strategy involves digital efforts, then the tactical implementation can be worked on by the middle levels. Often, this transformation is not a company-wide policy, but is simply headed off by one department, maybe the IT.  In order to seamlessly evolve, certain steps need to be followed. First of all, they must abide by the maxim of ‘small is beautiful’ so start with specific projects before plunging headlong. Some processes need be centralized. It won’t work unless digital efforts are integrated with the core processes. There are two paths to this. One is where the legacy systems adopt the digital processes, another is where the digital processes actually become the main, and legacy ones can be built around. A matrix system may be developed to ensure some parts of both digital and legacy systems may be adopted. Some central services such as digital marketing and tech development can be used across the firm.


Uploaded Date:06 February 2018

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