Due to the world population long been in billions, food and agriculture remain amongst the top priorities for global planners. Agriculture requires a transformation in order to cater to the burgeoning global hunger needs. Some countries such as China, Vietnam and Brazil are well advanced to cater to their needs. But others in Africa, Latin America and Asia need much help. Thus, some core elements, have been identified which need to be used in agriculture’s planning and delivery. To start off, differentiated and prioritized strategized need to be put in place. Morocco, Rwanda and Ethiopia are examples of countries that have gone ahead with such differentiated plans. Farmers must get linked to market- driven opportunities. Change agents too need to be identified, and then mobilized. The right starting points need to be identified, from where one may scale up. Planners will need to monitor the enablement of policies. A pragmatic approach has to be put in place, where an investor mind set exists among the policy planners. The civil society needs to be willing to change. The leadership has to be aligned with the overall strategy set, enabling the elements listed above. To manage this transformation, leadership skills need to be honed, through formal management training efforts.


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