A marketing research assignment was undertaken by Temkin to assess the level of customer experience that companies and are known to provide. A clear link was established between superior Customer eXperience (CX) and Employee Engagement (EE). Due to immense competition in any market, innovation is constantly needed to survive. In addition, customers have become louder thanks to forums such as Yelp or rating sites. Thus, some strategies have been outlined post this study to boost any company’s CX. First of all, in order to emerge as CX leader, one needs to focus first on employees. They need to feel engaged and a passion for their work. This is the task of the HR to connect CX and EE. This includes acknowledgement of employees for the work they do. Even the HR needs to be guided on how best to combine these two seemingly disparate ideas. For doing that constant corporate training for employees and sound onboarding techniques must be applied. Employees prefer clear communications, performance motivation, awards, celebrations and incentives. They feel empowered when involved in the recruitment process and when there are listening platforms. Special efforts must also be taken to engage the middle management levels.


Uploaded Date:14 July 2017

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